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Monday's Teams
by posted 05/22/2022

I can't believe tomorrow is Monday already but at least we have some games to look forward to!

It's going to feel like winter after our heat wave on Saturday, so make sure to bundle up for the sidelines and send your daughter with layers!

Games are at Barker Road at 6:15pm (Team A/C) and 7:15pm (Team B/C) on our practice fields next to the parking lot. We need everyone for A/C on the field by 5:45pm and 6:45pm for B Game. Again, Team C plays both games. 

Brighton Games
5/6 A team 5/6 B team 5/6 C team
Delia Deehan 6 Delaney Merrick 5 Lily Liberman 5
Alice Holland 6 Kyle Wilson 5 Millie George 6
Presley Imburgia 6 Paige Vidal 6 Portia Civalier 6
Kyra Tomeny 6 Brooke Oskin 6 Annabelle R 6
Maci Dombrowski 5 Maria Heatwole 5 Olivia Nicandri 5
Maura Scott 5 Cecelia Burkey 6 Morgan Gerstner 5
Nadia Wozniak 6 Sara Musa 5  
Grace Scott 6 Molly Carey 6  
Shannon Norton 5 Lisa Musa 5  
Lilly Mauer 5 Molly Fogel 6  
Mila Habgood 5 Maude Graff 5  
Brynn Pichette 5 Cate Kissell 5  
Josie Wright 5 Stella Cutaia 6  


This week's schedule:

Monday, 5/23 - Games at 6:15pm and 7:15pm

Wednesday, 5/25 - Practice from 6pm - 7:15pm 

**Off for Memorial Day** - No games over the weekend or practice on Monday, 5/30 


 I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend! See you tomorrow.


Coach Liv 



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Games Tomorrow & Monday!
by posted 05/20/2022

Happy Friday y'all...

Tomorrow we play Rush-Henrietta in Henrietta at Veteran's Memorial Park, 595 Calkins Road, Henrietta, NY 14467.

Games are at 10:30am and 11:30am. Team A/C needs to arrive at 10am and Team B at 11am.

It's going to be our hottest, most humid day so far so please have extra hydration for your daughter & sunscreen! 

5/6 A team 5/6 B team 5/6 C team
Delia Deehan 6 Delaney Merrick 5 Presley Imburgia 6
Kyle Wilson 5 Millie George 6 Paige Vidal 6
Stella Cutaia 6 Portia Civalier 6 Nadia Wozniak 6
Kyra Tomeny 6 Brooke Oskin 6 Lisa Musa 5
Cecelia Burkey 6 Maria Heatwole 5 Jimin Han 5
Maura Scott 5 Annabelle R 6 Sara Musa 5
Maci Dombrowski 5 Lily Liberman 5  
Grace Scott 6 Molly Carey 6  
Shannon Norton 5 Morgan Gerstner 5  
Olivia Nicandri 5 Lilly Mauer 5  
Mila Habgood 5 Molly Fogel 6  
Alice Holland 6 Maude Graff 5  

Monday, 5/23! We have games against Brighton at our Barker Road practice fields. Games are at 6:15pm and 7:15pm. We will make team assignments once everyone RSVPs on the app. Team A will need to be there by 5:45pm so keep that in mind when you RSVP. 

Wednesday, 5/25 we have normal practice from 6 - 7:15pm and then we won't be back together until Wednesday, June 1st. Wednesday, June 1st will most likely be a rescheduled game at Penfield. I'll keep everyone posted on plans. 

See you tomorrow!

Coach Liv


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by posted 05/16/2022

Team A plays at 6:15pm and Team B plays at 7:15pm


Coach Liv

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Happy Monday & Teams for Games Tonight!
by posted 05/16/2022

Good morning!

As a reminder, we have 2 games TONIGHT at Penfield Rothfuss Park against Penfield's 5/6 teams. We'll have team assignments tonight (below).

Games are at 6:15pm and 7:15pm. Please be there 30 minutes before your scheduled game - 5:45 latest for the 6:15pm game. C team plays in both games.

The weather looks iffy so if anything changes I'll send out a team alert! Otherwise, have your daughter bring a rain coator umbrella just in case for the side lines. 


5/6 A team 5/6 B team 5/6 C team
Delia Deehan 6 Alice Holland 6 Presley Imburgia 6
Sara Musa 5 Josie Wright 5 Paige Vidal 6
Stella Cutaia 6 Portia Civalier 6 Nadia Wozniak 6
Delaney Merrick 5 Brooke Oskin 6 Lisa Musa 5
Kyra Tomeny 6 Maria Heatwole 5 Jimin Han 5
Cecelia Burkey 6 Brynn Pichette 5 Kyle Wilson 5
Maura Scott 5 Lily Liberman 5  
Maci Dombrowski 5 Molly Carey 6  
Grace Scott 6 Cate Kissell 5  
Shannon Norton 5 Mila Habgood 5  
Olivia Nicandri 5 Lilly Mauer 5  
Thanks! Coach Liv

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Fairport Classic Map
by posted 05/13/2022



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Fairport Classic Info
by posted 05/13/2022

We have decided to have ALL players at all 3 games on Sunday if they are able to stay & play. This will be a great opportunity for the whole team to be together versus split and we may need to sub more frequently as our girls will be adjusting to the warmer weather and multiple games three days in a row. Please RSVP on the app for all 3 games and if you know your daughter can't make one of the games, just shoot me an email. 

Drinks and snacks encouraged for each girl to get through the afternoon! I don't want to put the responsibility on one parent as we have a large team so please make sure your daughter has what she needs.

Thanks! Coach Liv


From Fairport Classic:

Be a good guest. Clean up after yourself, display sportsmanship, and leave the facilities better than you found them.
- No grills, fireworks, firearms. 
- Possession/use of alcohol or drugs will result in immediate removal.
- Team tents are allowed in grassy areas. Do not block sidewalks, gates, or parking spaces. 
- FYL follows NYS High School Thunder and Lightning procedures. If thunder is heard or lightning is seen, play will be suspended for 30 minutes. Each instance of thunder/lightning re-sets the 30 minute clock. Games will resume as if 30 minutes have elapsed. Everyone on a field should immediately go to their car, or find indoor shelter. 
Fairport High School
- Open parking is available in all lots. Handicap spots will be marked in the lot closest to the stadium. Golf cart rides up to fields 3 & 4 are available for those who need it. 
There is a major construction project happening on the north end of campus. For obvious safety reasons, no one is allowed on any areas beyond the north end zone of the turf. 
- Restrooms are available at the Command Center pavilion, and portable restrooms will also be stationed adjacent to fields 3 & 4.
- Youth rules
- Refs will be assigned to all 1-6 games based on availability. 
- All players, coaches, and spectators are expected to show respect to officials. Abuse of officials will result in removal and possible forfeiture of games.
Game times
- 1st - 6th grade - 40 min games
- Central horn for 1st-6th grade games.

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Gear Up for a Pittsford Lax Weekend!
by posted 05/12/2022

Grab your coffee...this is a long one.

First things first. Our 5/6 Panthers made us so proud last night! Although we don't typically "keep score" we won both our games not only in terms of goals & saves, but also in our teamwork & spirit. I hope we can keep up this positive energy and enthusiasm going for the rest of the season. It's so cool to watch these girls grow in their individual skill development and as a functioning team.

What's on deck for this weekend?

Friday - 5/13 - 4pm Sutherland High School - Senior Event/Varsity Home Game - Wear "WEWILL" jersey. I'll have the jerseys for the girls who missed the original event. 

Saturday - 5/14 - **Game Time Change** These games at our Barker Road practice fields (Field 1 closest to the road/parking lot) against Fairport were moved 30 minutes later to 11:30am and 12:30pm due to official availability. See below for team assignments and we will not have time for snack for C team so make sure these girls have a good breakfast! Please make sure players are there 30 minutes before their assigned game! C Team plays in both games. 

5/6 A team 5/6 B team 5/6 C team
Kyle Wilson 5 Alice Holland 6 Maude Graff 5
Sara Musa 5 Paige Vidal 6 Josie Wright 5
Nadia Wozniak 6 Presley Imburgia 6 Portia Civalier 6
Delaney Merrick 5 Brooke Oskin 6 Maci Dombrowski 5
Kyra Tomeny 6 Maria Heatwole 5 Molly Fogel 6
Cecelia Burkey 6 Stella Cutaia 6 Molly Carey 6
Maura Scott 5 Jimin Han 5  
Annabelle R 6 Millie George 6  
Grace Scott 6 Cate Kissell 5  
Shannon Norton 5 Delia Deehan 6  
Olivia Nicandri 5    
G:Lisa Musa 5 G:Lilly Mauer 5  
G:Lily Liberman 5    

Sunday - 5/15 - Fairport Classic - We have 3 games total and may have all girls on deck. Stay tuned and for now you can plan on the following times and block your schedule for 12:15pm to 4pm:

12:50pm vs Geneva - Fairport High School, Field 2

2:20pm vs Orchard Park - Fairport High School, Field 1 (Turf)

3:05pm vs Pal-Mac - Fairport High School, Field 1 (Turf) 

I'll send out final team assignments, map and tournament information tomorrow. 


*Please consider getting your daughter a back-up mouthguard so they don't miss out on playing time in the event that it gets lost.

*Please ensure your daughter has something cold and hydrating to drink as the weather is heating up. It's also about that time to break out the sunscreen! 

*Please RSVP for ALL EVENTS on the app regardless of team assignments in the past. We use the RSVP on the app to make our team assignments each game :-)

***JUNE 11th Tournament***

We have an opportunity to play in a local tournament with no additional cost to our players on Saturday, June 11th. I'm going to load it on the app and you can RSVP to it with your interest (yes/no). I have no idea of time. If we get enough girls, we'll go for one last hurrah!  


Thanks!!! Coach Liv 

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Reminder: First Wednesday practice 3/30, 5:00-6:00 pm
by posted 03/29/2022

Girls 5th/6th-grade team:

A reminder that we have our first Wednesday practice this week, 3/30/22, 5:00-6:00 pm.

We are in the main building on the West field. Be sure to have all your equipment.

Mike Cross

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No practice tonight - details on website and mobile app
by posted 03/16/2022

Girls 5th/6th-grade team:

As a reminder, there is no practice tonight. The first Wednesday practice is on 3/30. Your next practice is Sunday, 3/20.

Your schedule is available on the website under the Team Mgmt tab. Here is a direct link to your team: http://www.leagueathletics.com/Bulletins.asp?team=653808&division=5129&org=pittsfordlacrosse.org

The Roster and Schedule are available on the menu on the left.

There is also a mobile app SportsSignUp Play. Log into the app using the same credentials as for the website. It's easy to use.

Mike Cross

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First spring practice tomorrow - and DST starts
by posted 03/12/2022

Pittsford Girls Youth Lacrosse Spring Teams:

Spring season is finally here! Everyone is excited to be getting ready for the sunny warm weather that will be here soon.

First practices are tomorrow (Sunday).

IMPORTANT: Daylight Savings Time starts tonight so clocks will move forward by 1 hour. Be sure to plan for the time change.

A few notes:

  1. Pre-K/K, 1st/2nd-grades, and 3rd/4th-grades all start at 9:00 am and end at 10:15 am.
  2. 5th/6th-grades start at 10:15 am and end at 11:30 am.
  3. All practices for March and April are at The Athletic Campus (formerly Brighton Sports Zone), 3195 Brighton Henrietta Town Line Rd, Rochester, NY 14623.
  4. We are in the field house at the rear of the building. You can drive out back, but there is very little parking and not much space for traffic. You can park out front and then walk through the building main building to get to the field house.
  5. There are no restrooms in the field house. Be sure to use the restroom at home or in the main building before practice so no time is wasted leaving practice to get to the restroom in the main building.
  6. Be sure to have all equipment (mouth guard, goggles or helmet, stick, sneakers or cleats, water).

Also, remember that DICK'S Sporting Goods is sponsoring a sale for Pittsford Lacrosse this weekend. Details are on our home page. You must use the coupon mentioned.

Reply to this email if you have any questions.


Mike Cross


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