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Change Team: 
by posted 05/20/2022

Hopefully everyone is enjoying this beautiful day! 


Just a reminder that Pittsford White plays tomorrow against RH at Veteren's Memorial Park 595 Calkins Rd. 

Gametime is 11:30 am.  Please arrive around 11 to get warmed up! Coach Tim will be helping to coach both teams tomorrow.  If you're willing and available to help warm the girls up please feel free to jump in!


Also, very important to know which team you are on so you come at the correct time! 


Good Luck and Go Pittsford!




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No Practice Tonight
by posted 05/16/2022

Just a reminder that there is no practice tonight.

See you Wednesday at 6 pm at BRMS

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Saturday's games
by posted 05/12/2022

Good morning,


Pittsford Blue and Pittsford White both have a game at 9 am on Saturday at BRMS.  If you aren't sure which team your daughter is on, please check your email from before the Victor gamesteams have not changed.  If you can't be there on Saturday, please let me know so I can make sure each group still has enough girls.


There is also a 10 am game. 

We can split the game and Pittsford Blue can take the first half and Pittsford White can take the second half.  Again, if you know you can't stay for the second game, please let me know.


Also, if you could please convey this plan to your daughter it would be very helpful.  If they know which team they are on it would also be super helpful.  I don't mind if the White team wants to be on the sidelines for the first half of game 2; however, if they can plan to cheer on their teammates rather than ask to go in that would be amazing!! Same goes for Blue...if they want to stay for the second half of game 2 that is totally  fine as long as they are cheering on their teammates rather than asking to go back in.


I love the enthusiasm the girls had for playing yesterday.  I can see improvement each time they step onto the field.  

Things you can say to help celebrate their play after the games...

Nice ground ball, great hustle, way to keep both hands on your stick in ready position, hard shot on goal, excellent pass to your teammate, I like how you cradled the ball while it was in your stick, I like how you went to X (behind the goal) so you could see which of your teammates was open and ready for a pass, nice job marking up on defense, way to stay with your girl and not let her run by you, nice job helping the clear (on defense).


Parents, if you can please help reinforce the sideline expectations that would be awesome.  Simply put, the girls should remain standing, behind the sideline, with their goggles over their eyes and their stick in their hand.  Also, please encourage them to remain flexible on which position they go in to play.  


Thank you,


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