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Length of girls lacrosse sticks
by posted 04/13/2021


We have noticed at practices that some girls have sticks that are too long and they are difficult to handle. We recommend that sticks be cut so they are easier to handle.

A good starting point up to 2nd-grade is about 37 inches, from the top of the plastic head to the bottom of the shaft. Actual length will depend on the age and size of the player. You still want the stick to be long enough for them to use for at least another year or two. If in doubt, keep it longer as you can always cut it shorter if necessary. Measure twice, cut once. Sticks can be cut with a hacksaw. Just be careful!

Most youth sticks can be cut at the bottom of the shaft. In this case, be sure to keep the rubber butt end and add back to the shortened shaft. Sticks MUST have the rubber butt end for safety.

You can also usually cut the top off of the shaft, but this means removing the head, cutting, replacing the head, and maybe even pre-drilling a new screw hole or using a self-tapping screw.

If you're not sure what to do, chat with one of the coaches first.

Mike Cross


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