Pittsford Community Lacrosse Inc.

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  • When is the main season for lacrosse?
    The main season is spring. Tryouts start in the middle of March and the season ends by late May. Practices and games are usually Monday through Friday after school. The spring program is organized and run solely by the Pittsford school district (not via PCLI).
  • What other programs are offered?
    Programs are offered year-round in all four seasons. In addition to the spring scholastic season, the following programs are offered through PCLI (not via Pittsford school district):
    Fall: Practices on Sundays in September and October; 1 or 2 tournaments.
    Winter: Practices on Sunday mornings at Brighton Sports Zone.
    Summer: One or more teams in the Victor Premier Summer League; One or more teams in 3-4 tournaments; Practices twice per week starting in mid-June and ending around mid-July. Teams are selected by the coaches after an evaluation. Teams are considered to be "select" (best players) or "competitive". Teams are placed in appropriate divisions of tournaments based on skill level to ensure a competitive AND positive experience for all players
  • How many teams are there?
    For the spring scholastic season, there are two teams. Each team is a mix of players from both Barker Road and Calkins Road middle schools. Teams are selected by the scholastic coaches after a tryout period at the beginning of the season.

    For the fall and summer seasons, the number of teams and their composition are determined by the number of players and their skill level. We strive to place all players on various teams, but our success is largely a function of the turnout and the realities of having manageable rosters. It is possible that some players will not be placed on a team.
  • My son plays a fall and/or winter Modified sport. Can he/should he still play lacrosse in the fall/winter?
    It depends on the sport and season. For example, you can usually play both lacrosse and either soccer or football in the fall. However, in the winter, hockey/wrestling/basketball/skiing schedules might make it difficult to play in the Sunday morning lacrosse practices. We encourage you to play lacrosse when you can, but you will have to decide for yourself if it makes sense.