Pittsford Community Lacrosse Inc.

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Equipment for girls lacrosse is relatively minimal compared to boys lacrosse.

See the US Lacrosse Equipment Fitting Guide for more details.


Mandatory Equipment


Recommended Equipment

  • 1~2 Additional mouth guards (they get dirty, chewed up and lost)
  • 1 pair of womens' lacrosse gloves...especially valuable during cold weather
  • 3 pack of lacrosse balls...girls are officially yellow in color but other colors can be used
  • Mouth guard case...Plastic sandwich bag also works well...Mouth guard cases should be kept inside a zippered part of your equipment bag. Many times the mouth guard case will pop open and mouth guard is lost


Optional Equipment

  • 1 Spare girls lacrosse stick in case current stick is broken or in repair...Spare stick should be broken in and similar to current stick
  • 1 stick bag...most bags can hold all equipment and have room for practice pinney
  • A rolled up Hefty trash bag - just in case of rain


Where To Buy Equipment