Pittsford Community Lacrosse Inc.

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Currently, PCLI does not require coaches to be certified by US Lacrosse. However, for insurance purposes, we require that all youth coaches have a current US Lacrosse membership for Coach participation.

Once you have a US Lacrosse membership for Coach participation and your US Lacrosse online account, you will have access to many free resources, including the Level 1 online courses (Fundamentals of Coaching Boys' Lacrosse and Fundamentals of Coaching Girls' Lacrosse). We strongly recommend that you complete at least the following courses:

  • PCA Courses (Positive Coaching Alliance)

    • PCA: Double-Goal Coach® 1: Coaching For Winning & Life Lessons

    • PCA: Double-Goal Coach 2: Culture, Practices and Games

    • PCA Double-Goal Coach® Developing Triple-Impact Competitors

  • Lacrosse Athlete Development Model

    • Multiple webinar recordings

  • Coach Courses/Sessions

    • LaxPrep - Lower Extremity Injury Prevention Training

    • Level 1 Courses

      • Fundamentals of Coaching Girls' Lacrosse-Level 1

      • Women's Game Level 1 Certification Bundle

    • Level 2 Courses

      • Women's Level 2 Online Cours


Check out the resources below. Questions? Contact .